# On a Zero Waste Mission

This year’s Waterkant festival will be more zero-waste and sustainable than ever!
The zero-waste objective starts right from the preparation phase of the festival, including aligning the team with this vision, organising environmentally-friendly meals for the team and minimising and managing waste during the construction of stands and stages.

Spoiler alert!

The following photos illustrate some of the initiatives that have already impressed us:

Fruit and vegetables in eco-boxes direct from the farm for the team: every day, a fresh meal is prepared

Sylvie, the Waterkant festival manager, had the brilliant idea of using leftover packaging to create acoustic walls that are also mobile

The used materials are stored in a hall and reused year after year to build new decorations

That’s it for the appetiser! Come and visit the festival and check out many Zero Waste ideas and applications.

The Waterkant festival takes place on 13 and 14 June.

On Friday at noon, Marc and Marie from the Zero Waste Kiel association will also be giving a talk on ‘How to zero waste’, also telling the story of the Waterkant festival…
And take note, folks! our contribution to make this festival zero waste is essential: you’re part of it! To find out more, click here!

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